Kingfisher Kids Club

Hey Kids! We have a special competition that we run every month for young people aged 10 years and under where you can claim your very own packet of our Kingfisher Fish & Chips SWEETS!

All you have to do, is use your imagination and colour in our Kingfisher Kids Club Mascots 'Chipz & Phish'. You can use anything to colour them in, paint, or crayon, pencils or felt tip pens, but be creative as every month we will choose a winner and your picture will be framed and put on display in our shop for a whole month!
Not only that but the winner will receive a soft toy of a Kingfisher Bird for you to keep AND your picture will appear on our Facebook page and our website!

Will YOU be our sooper dooper

Artist of the month?

Stop playing with your food!

How many times have you had that said to you? But some adults do play with their food too! Just look at what some of them have made with chips, can you name the UK landmarks and objects? (answers at the bottom of the page.


Make Fish & Chips out of paper to amaze your friends !

Amaze your friends with this brilliant meal - all made out of paper !!

If you would like to download the paper and have a go yourself click here to take you to the clever person's website that made the video.

Let us know how you get on !

*parents/guardians we have no control over the content on the link of this page which is a link from youtube.

Or learn to draw a fish, or perform a song about Fish and Chips!

Learn some cool stuff about Hull

The answers to the 'Stop Playing With Your Food' section are 1) The Angel of the North 2) Big Ben - or The Elizabeth Tower 3) Loch Ness 4) The London Eye 5) Stone Henge 6)The White Cliffs of Dover . Did you get them all correct?