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Karl Elletson

The Interview

So tell us about how you got to where you are today?.

Well (laughs*) I used to live on Queens Road that backed onto a fish and chip shop on Newland Ave when I was a kid, 14 and a half I was, and I used to take my bike out onto the ten foot every day. One day, the owner of the chippy said "Oi fancy a job young man?" - "who me?" I said and asked him what it would entail.
He said "peel my tatties every day in the morning, and then again, to top me up for the evening" - so I accepted and he threw a set of keys at me and said "6.30am start then tomorrow!"
After 6 months, the owner put me on the front counter serving customers, I was petrified but he just convinced me to do it, I must have been good at it as a few weeks later, before we opened he gave me a run down on how to fry and all the other jobs in the shop - it literally was a 20 minute rush training session, after which he said "Well get on with it then, I'm off to Las Vegas for two weeks, try and make sure the shop is still here when I get back lad!" - and he left, there and then!

Talk about being dropped in at the deep end!

At 16 years old
I saw a job

In Brandsholme Job Centre
So I applied for the job and it was at this chippy where the owner was called Leo. He said "well your a bit to young but I wll give you a trial".

18 years later I think I'm still on the trial as Leo never actually said I had the job!

He was expanding his business and wanted me to move with him to another location to build up the trade, but I said that I had put so much work into the shop at Spring Bank West that I didn't really want to leave it, and he offered me the chance to buy the shop, and three years ago that is exactly what I did and the rest is history as they say"

At this point Karl was feeling embarrased about being interviewed, so we asked him one more question ....

What is your most memorable

experience over the last 18 years?

Karl is Hull born and bred and was born on August 20th and attended Winifred Holtby School. He loves most sport, improving his home, his family and a beer or three (or six) with friends!

"Haha, may I have two?" he asks

I do remember hitting a guy over the head with a chip scoop as he was being extraordinarily rude to some customers in the shop, Oh - it wasn't hard or anything, he just shocked me that someone could be so rude. My second is not really a memory as it is still ongoing to this day

We have a customer called Keith, he has been visiting our shop EVERY single day for the last 15 years, He comes in at 4.45pm Monday to Friday and orders pattie and Fish, without fail, every time. We have his home phone number and if he does not turn up, we call him to see if he is ok, if he is feeling under the weather, we simply wrap up his meal and take it to his house for him. Bless Him

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