Carrier bag? Make a donation to Mind – for piece of mind.

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February 20, 2017
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March 5, 2017

Photographer Mark Lloyd 7th July 2003. Pictures of a goldfish in a plastic bag similar to that you'd win at a fun fair.

Many of us are used to paying 5p now for our carrier bags, whilst this has been a ‘national scandal’ it has had a dramatic effect on the take up of single use carriers – research suggests that demand has been reduced by up to 85% in the UK and stopped many thousands of them ending up in our oceans. (you may have heard of the huge floating ‘plastic islands’ in many of our seas.

We are not charging for carrier bags, but a 5p donation to our Charity Mind ( would be very much appreciated.

We have a collection pot on the counter, feel free to donate as much as you wish.

While we are on the conversation of carrier bags, when taking your food home in a carrier bag, be sure to not scrunch the top of the bag closed, this will stop the heat from the food escaping and cause steam in the bag – potentially reducing the enjoyment of your meal.

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