We use beef dripping – and here is a few reasons why!

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February 20, 2017
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February 20, 2017

“A retro revolution in the world of cooking and baking, thanks in part to The Great British Bake Off, and a new understanding of healthy eating has given rise to a resurgence of the use of beef dripping and lard.

So, what’s changed our opinion about this high fact additive?We need to eat good fat
Years ago healthy eating was focused on reducing fat from our diets, and while a high fat eating pattern is not good for you, we need some.

‘Good fats’ are needed to protect our organs and aid the absorption of vitamins.

New understanding that sugar is in fact a bigger danger to our health, means that the ingredient – that contains no added sugar – is sneaking back into our recipes.

It’s about quantity
As with all quality ingredients, you need less.

The strong, natural flavour means you don’t need to use as much as say, margarine in cooking.

So, despite having nearly 900 calories (180 more than butter) in 100g, you will consume far less in a recipe.

The cooking benefits
A retro revolution has come over our kitchens in recent years and while some of you may have been roasting your ultimate potatoes in beef dripping, others are just catching up.

The flavour benefits (for non-vegetarians) are unsurprisingly greater than if you stick to oil.”

So there you have it, (thankyou Good Housekeeping for your blog) search the web and you will find that Beef dripping – offers flavour and health benefits that oil just can’t – thats why we still use beef dripping to this day – you have to try our ‘King Fried’ Chips for yourself!

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